Landscape Design

On-Site Consultation

Whether your landscaping needs are for a new home, to replace or refresh an overgrown landscape or to give your home new curb appeal, Panache Landscape and Design can work with you every step of the way.

We provide our customers with professional services including on-site consultation, full-service landscape design and installation. Our landscape designers and production department work together to ensure our clients receive the highest quality design and installation. To this end, we also are fully insured against personal injury or damage to your property. (This is not always the case with other landscapers and is only important when something goes wrong. But it is worth the peace of mind that insured work brings.)


Even the best plan can end up like a jungle if not properly installed. Our production crews have achieved a high level of customer satisfaction. Their experience in site preparation, plant installation and finish work are a great source of pride to us.

Our Design Philosophy

We have added the capability of producing a “finished” landscape on a computer-generated printout so that you can see the proposed design layouts. This rendering is achieved by marrying our expertise with your desires and lifestyle to achieve a finished product that is truly one of a kind…your kind.

Since your yard should be a continuation of the living space available to you, it should be designed to offer a welcome, comforting, and accessible area to you and your family and guests.