At Panache we pride ourselves on our finished landscapes and our list of highly satisfied customers. However, new customers need to be advised as to how to truly compare landscaper’s bids; where corners can be cut that you may regret in the future, and where to best evaluate the information being given to you by a landscaping company.


We offer a 100% sod. That means that when we bid St. Augustine for example, ours is 100% Raleigh. Not the normal 70/30 blend of Raleigh and Bermuda. Using a blend of sod may seem like a good idea, but when the St. Augustine comes true in the shade and the Bermuda comes true in the sun, you will have two different looking grasses in one yard. Our sod comes directly from the sod farm and does not sit at a local nursery for several days before it is delivered to your job – it is freshly cut the day before.


We normally price a three inch base of soil in under our sod unless we discuss an alternative with you. This assures a smoother lawn and better growth for the new sod. We use screened soil, not “topsoil”. This reduces the amount of weeds introduced by the soil to nearly zero. Much of the black gumbo sold as topsoil is literally taken from the top of the land and is full of existing weeds/seeds.


Unless you specify otherwise, we install plants based on the mature size they will reach. Others will install more plants for immediate display, not allowing space for growth and you’ll be removing them in three to five years to make room. We know our plants and the sun, shade and water demands of each. We will work with you to select plants that you will like but that also will work in the locations you select.


We take into consideration the potential for additional zones for future growth and will consult with you to determine if you wish to add to the system in the future. We meet all codes and our licensed irrigators (LI# 15301) use only the best materials and controllers in our work.

mulch & rock:

We install a full three inches of material in your landscaping beds. You will not be able to see the soil/weed barrier under our mulch/rock bed coverings.