Sun, but appreciates some afternoon shade in summer. Evergreen to 15 degrees F (trunk damage may occur below 10 degrees especially with ice). Sago is an ancient plant with arching glossy leaves and a palm-like form. Sagos can be used safely around pedestrians and children; however, the leaf bases bear sharp tips and may require gloves for close handling. Sago fronds cause intestinal upset if eaten and seeds are fatally toxic to pets. Sago tolerates many soil types including clay and is extremely drought hardy once established; adult plants can go for months without supplemental water. Even if plants begin to drop leaves or dessicate in drought, they can usually recover after rain. Overwatering leads to crown and root rot. Male sagos make a yellowish, cone-like flower spike and females have a rounded, mound-like ovary that produces reddish-brown seeds.

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